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The Last One of his Trade / Der letzte seines Standes



Thank you for your interest in our documentaries about traditional crafts. You will find further information about individual movies and you can order any movie from the series.

What is the main theme of the series?

“Old Worlds Crafts” (The Last One of His Trade / Der Letzte seines Standes) was produced in co-operation with Bayerischer Rundfunk, one of the public TV stations in Germany, over the last twenty years as a comprensive series of documentaries about old traditional crafts.

Masters of their trade tell us about traditional techniques, their kwoledge, rules and secrets, recepies, forms and artwork. We gain an insight into their working culture and philosophy.

A wealth of experience and an important part of our culture should not be lost forever. Techniques and practices which may in fact be needed by furture generations to restore heritage sites, adapt to a more eco-friendly production, save energy and help communities in developing countries. Already some traditional crafts are being rediscovered in our days.

Each documentary is about 30 minutes long and documents one particular trade, its production techniques, the work flow and aspects of the day to day life of the craftsmen.

In general we show the production of typical product for the repsective trade in all stages of its production, special procedures, the materials and tools required.

The master talks about his apprenticeship, his day to day working life and also tells us about the odd anecdote from his professional and private life.

Some of the movies feature historical scenes as well.

Do you know a master of a traditional trade craft? Tell us about her, we hope to able to continue the series.

Thank you!

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