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The Last One of his Trade / Der letzte seines Standes

The Fiddlemaker (two movies)


Geigenbauer und Musiker: Walter Waidosch Geigenbauer und Musiker: Walter Waidosch

How would one reconstruct a musical instrument from the 14th century without any templates left from that time?

The fiddlemaker, historian and musician Walter Waidosch finds that a fascinating question. The camera will follow him, starting the journey from the selection of the tree and ending with the finished instrument. Join us to explore a fascinating trade which is still mostly performed as a hand-craft to a degree like few others. About fifty different tasks are to be carried out, each of them requiring hundreds of different skills to build one instrument. Skills which are guided by the knowledge of music, insight into the typical epoch of the respective instrument and the thorough study of old manufacturing practices.

To document the wealth of impressions from this work the movie has two parts of about 30 minutes each.


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